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ALFAKOM LTD. New Generations Communications was founded at the year 2001, with purpose to cover all the modern needs, which occur in telecommunication and I.T. and security systems  field.

With Thessaloniki as a main base and scope of work at the structured wiring copper certification and Fiber Optics networks (copper and fiber), Call Center (both digital and VoIP), CCTV alarm systems and access control,

ALFAKOM is ready to compete in every technological challenge to bring to end with consistency, credibility and reliability any kind of project in Greece and in every part of the world.

With emphasis on high quality service, ALFAKOM and its certificated technical department concludes of, electronic, electrical and network engineers, providing continuing education at department at new technologies and products to be managed successfully with the best possible way to the new challenges.

Along with the technological expertise ALFAKOM invests in latest equipment in installation equipment, inspection and certified communication networks.

always using high quality materials, cooperating with leading companies in telecommunications, has been certified by the houses of ,R&M, Datwyler, Siemon etc. as an installer of structured cabling, with possibility of certifying proper functioning and performance of fiber optic networks – copper that has install.

ALFAKOM after years of presence in Telecommunications proudly presents you with projects undertaken and completed successfully with professionalism.



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